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Our Service Areas

Delivering Solutions to Complex Problems

SCI Site Security 

At BAI, we have grown our footprint in the SCI and program security side of our country's top secret operations. our team of security professionals are a vital part of our nation's site security programs.

With over 20 years of past performance, experience, and immersion into the arms control and nuclear nonproliferation field, BAI has supported America's ever-changing arms control efforts at a high level.

Science & Tech

Our S&t team provides an integral service to the department of defense as well as the department of homeland security. from lab work to export controls compliance, BAI provides an integral service to america's cleared science & tech field and operations.

Cyber Security & IT 

With the continuing development of AI and IT, technological advancements are changing the way the world views privacy and security. Systems across the world are being hit with malicious content and hostile attacks. At BAI, our dynamic team of engineers are continuously diverting threats, acquiring new knowledge and securing customers future.

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