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I love working at BAI. I wasn’t hired just for a contract, I was being hired into a company. The work is challenging and the people are like family.” - JGF

(BAI Employee since 2018)

“The BAI family has treated my family as an extension of theirs. They have been flexible with my work schedule and supportive during especially emergencies, reminding me I am not alone.” - JB

(BAI Employee since 2007)

“Working at BAI has been a fantastic experience. We work on cutting edge, complex issues in a small group environment that allows you to really feel part of the team.” - RN

(BAI Employee since 2016)

“I feel truly blessed to be a member of the BAI team.  My 16+ years with this company has enriched my professional, and personal life in a most positive way.  I really enjoy coming to work and interacting with a fantastic group of people!” - MS 

(BAI employee since 2002)

“I like working at BAI because it provides a respectful and collaborative  work environment.” - AW

(BAI Employee since 2018)

“BAI is a great place to work – professional and friendly staff, interesting and challenging work, excellent benefits. BAI rewards our accomplishments, offers opportunities to use our talents, shows concern for our personal wellbeing, and provides social activities that unite us as colleagues. Our new headquarters office space creates the perfect working atmosphere.” - RW

(BAI employee since 2016)

“Aligning myself with BAI, Inc. was the smartest move I’ve made in my professional development.  I have had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting and dynamic government contracts while enjoying the support of a company that truly wants to see me succeed.“ - MD

(BAI Employee since 2003)

"Exciting work paired with wonderful people, as a southerner the hospitality exhibited by the staff is second to none. The people here are great workers and will help you whenever you need it. The first day I joined BAI I realized not only not only had I gained coworkers and friends, but a very big family!" - RDB

(BAI Employee since 2020)

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